Trauma Informed Integrative Therapist
Zuzana Bubalova


3 years ago I started to develop neck pain and it gradually got worse. Shoulder pain, back pain and restless leg syndrome. It started to affect my daily life and also my sleep. I have 3 small kids, so I have to be on the go all the time.

The pain has prompted me to seek help through the Osteopath, which I have been seeing for past 5 months. He helped me manage it, but I was not even close to feeling like the pain will ever go away. Then this made me think that maybe the pain I was feeling was just how my body reacts to the stress I was currently having. My 2nd child was diagnosed with autism. As a mother it took a huge toll on me mentally. 

Then one day I saw Zuzana’s FB post about hypnotherapy. I wanted to try it. So I messaged her. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. But when she arrived, she was very calm and she put me at ease. Everything was explained to me and Zuzana was patient listening to everything.  When we did the session, it went better than I thought. In fact, it was so calming.  Almost immediately I felt a sense of relief. Like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. She even taught me how to self-hypnotize.  The following day, I could tell that it worked. I felt so much better and the discomfort I have has almost disappeared. The progress continued and the following week I told my osteopath that I won’t be coming back again. 

From that day and up to this point, the discomfort I was feeling is almost non-existent. I am now able to have a good sleep at night.  I can’t thank Zuzana enough. Because of her, I can enjoy my daily activities and I have more energy now than before. I am enjoying my time with my kids pain-free. Thanks to Zuzana, she made all these possible.


Zuzana has been a great help to define my goal. I liked her approach from the start. Asking the right questions, calmly providing and explaining how specific goal can be achieved. 

Her approach was different compare to other life coaches as I never felt that the time is sparse and there is another client waiting. She was dedicated, always prepared to recap the previous session, what was discussed and if specific tasks were done, which each client works on, depending on the goal. Additionally, when working on my specific tasks, I never felt pressured by Zuzana to do them. The right explanation, why it is good to work on your tasks helps to complete them with a feeling that you are doing it for yourself and not for the satisfaction of your coach. 

I would highly recommend to work with Zuzana, if at times we feel puzzled or if we are not sure how we can achieve specific goal.


I have been working with Ms. Bubalová for over a year and during that time I have made a lot of progress in my personal development, especially in terms of managing emotions. I lacked some skills of working with emotions, but thanks to Mrs. Bubalová’s professional, personalized and sensitive guidance, I learned what I needed to be able to establish and maintain a loving relationship not only with myself, but also with others.


When life threw me a curve ball last year, mixed feelings of grief, despair, guilt and fear crashed on me. The world around me kept moving but I was at a stand still with no idea how to move forward. All those overwhelming and negative emotions were driving my daily decisions and I knew I needed help. I contacted Zuzana and immediately I felt a good connection with her.

True enough, session after session, she offered me a safe space to express my emotions. She offered guidance and tools to help me view my emotions and thoughts using a much healthier perspective. Another thing that I really appreciate is that our sessions are always well thought of. She offered clear direction and structure that were completely tailored to my needs. Overall, I am really grateful for having the opportunity to work with her. She is such a big factor as to why I see life more positively now. Thank you Zuzana!


Thanks to Zuzana, I managed to a large extent to settle my family relationships, both with my parents who are no longer alive, and with my brother, who is a little different from me… And I also successfully managed to cope with a traumatic event that so deeply she intervened in my life. Today, I am able to talk about it without it getting emotionally off balance. During our sessions she used various techniques. I went through them all with confidence and the results came almost immediately. I know that some things still need their time, but at the moment I am satisfied with my life and I continue growing and cultivating what I learned during our sessions.


I looked for help, because I felt trapped in a vicious circle of negative emotions. I am a mother, and I didn’t want my daughter suffer the consequences of my inability to find happiness and satisfaction in life. Zuzana helped me to improve my relationship with my daughter, supported me on the way to find more purpose in life and get clarity on my goals and set me in motion towards them. I know it is me who needs to work on my personal growth, but Zuzana showed me how. This investment was really worth it.